Mommy Spider in Scary Factory


Mommy legs is ready to play with daddy long legs in this scary factory as this scary mommy has bunzo bunny on her side. Pj pug along with kissy missy, spider mommy, bunzo bunny, wuggy huggy, yellow poppy is ready to take control of this scary factory. Get blue hand & the green hand and open as many exits as you can as mommy spider long legs is behind you if you flinch you go. This kissy missy scary mommy huggy buggy game is the next chapter in the spooky tale of haunted series. In this mommy spider game, you have multiple characters and modes for you to play your most loved game. Mommy legs and daddy long legs are the antagonist in this huggy waggy yellow poppy game. Pj pug a new entry in the train station chapter is here to help long legs & pink poppy to take control. Try this spider mommy wuggy huggy horror puzzle game with exciting new twists. With so many scary characters like mommy spider, pink poppy, huggy waggy, huggy buggy you are for sure going to enjoy this poppy monster game. Join long legs & mommy long in the spooky adventures of this puzzle. You have to get a blue hand & the green hand in this mommy long blue monster game and do different tasks like opening the door, cut the electricity and find exits. Use your blue poppy senses in this playtime with puppy buggy wuggy game and defeat huggy woogie like a pro. Daddy long legs is ready with mommy legs in this kissy missy scary mommy game. Play mommy spider in scary factory and complete your missions to get out of this haunted factory.

This fun puzzle mommy legs blue poppy game is specially made for buggy wuggy lovers who want to indulge in spectacular scary mommy huggy buggy experience. Say mommy mommy to open the gates of this scary factory which is set near the train station and do not let pink poppy catch you in this blue monster kissy missy game. Experience huggy woogie in a new kind of puzzle adventure where you play as mommy poppy or bunzo bunny. Avoid bumping into Pj pug and spider mommy as they are looking for you too.

New Features:
Addition of bunzo bunny & PJ pug in this kissy missy long legs game
Say mommy mommy as a cheat code and use your blue hand and the green hand to escape from long legs
Find the new tapes & evidence in this scary factory horror playtime